Who we are

We are accredited translation office, which is licensed to translate in Egypt. We have a wide-scope experience in translation in all fields. As our main aim is to achieve quality, we do our translation accurately and perfectly before handing it to the customer.

Our Aim

Our aim is to translate your text honestly in simple words far from complicated use of items as the real translation is the one in which the reader feels that he is reading a real text not a translated one.

Our Team

We have a great team of translators who are perfect in translation and writing and a good understanding of texts. Most of our translators were awarded Ph.D. in different fields. Most of them are professors and have experience for more than 15 years.

Contact Us

  • Email info@drogmanno.com
  • drogmanno@gmail.com
  • Phone Number 0842128296


  • Address Mesala Square- Princess Tower- Third Floor- Up Tie House
    Egypt - Fayoum
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